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Provide blueprints for pig iron smelting blast furnaces and for ferronickel smelting blast furnaces
I have been engaged in the design of accessories for small and medium-sized iron works for many years, and have drawings of various processing parts for small and medium-sized iron works: 24-70 square metre ring burner (single roll break, double roll break, worm wheel reducer, disc feeder, ring burning unloader, etc.). Drawings such as feeder, central rotation, annular burning unloader, etc., annular 610, 700, 800 belt cooler, annular 200, 305, 610 cast iron machine, various bell-type, bell-valve type top equipment, 380 cubic bell-less (rotary distributor) top equipment, Delta 25x2500 coiling machine, 0.6 cubic hydraulic clay gun are transferable. If you need to use the above equipment and drawings, please contact us.
I. Our company can provide you with the following services:
1. BF equipment spare parts production, small and medium-sized BF (10-1050 cubic meters) design, production, installation, masonry and BF operation and other one-stop services.
2. The old blast furnace was reformed to improve its output and quality.
3. Design and build 20-90M2 gas sintering machine and box sintering machine, so that the raw material workshop can meet the requirements of environmental protection.
4. Design and install pulverized coal injection facilities of blast furnace to improve smelting conditions of blast furnace so as to increase production, reduce coke consumption and achieve long-term benefits.
5. Our company's purpose is: to think for customers, to serve them and to reassure them. It's your investment that pays off.
2. Design features:
1. Blast Furnace:
1. With the improvement of smelting conditions and the improvement of raw material quality, the furnace type designed by us adapts to this development and achieves high output and no nodulation.
2. The external structures of blast furnaces, gravity stoves, hot stoves and dust collectors strive to be simple and practical, so that the construction cost is much lower than the conventional level.
3. Each link is the best optimized design scheme selected repeatedly, which makes it more reasonable. To the peak of advanced technology.
2. Ring sintering machine:
1. Integrating batching automation, mixing, sintering, breaking and air-cooled continuous operation, with tight links, continuous production, sufficient output and quality up to the standard, labor saving and energy saving.
2. Disk mixer is used to proportionally mix all kinds of raw materials to meet the requirement of basicity of blast furnace.
3. Mixture is a combination of mixing and mixing. Through scientific calculation, reasonable rotational speed can make mixing uniform, and the formed particles have good ventilation performance and fast sintering speed when sintering.
4. The sintering machine is circular. The utility model has the advantages of small size, tight structure, continuous operation and good production, especially the use of gas to ignite combustion, the secondary utilization of energy and the reduction of production cost.
5. The broken material is closely connected with the sintering machine, which saves transportation time and cost.


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